Commercial Artist

Linzi developed a curiosity and a playfulness as a young artist, always trying to push the boundaries, by exploring new expressions and experimenting with various mediums but always gravitating back to Painting. She completed a Bachelor of Graphic Design and Illustration at Curtin University of Technology in 2006 and is currently studying a Graduate Diploma of Education. She works regularly on large scale Murals and paintings for display homes, offices and commercial spaces and paints live at various events throughout the year.
Having a Graphic Design background has enabled her to work digitally, producing commissions, prints and collaborated projects such as textile designs and fashion orientated artwork for modelling shoots and events. She also also teaches art workshops regularly, making appearances at schools, community centres and at Neil Street Art Studio, an artspace that she facilitates located in Osborne Park, WA.

“Creativity has the power to transform a space and the people who interact with the atmosphere it carries, I love collaborating with other creatives such as Architects and Engineers and my vision is to work on larger scale projects in local, national and international communities.”