Alan has been involved in the corporate arena for over 30 years through various industries. His expertise in knowing what the client wants allows all of our services to be cutting edge design, plus achieve the right communication message for today’s Marketplace
He will make sure that your objectives, aim and goals get the right impact and return on your investment.


Ben is a dynamic and accomplished business consultant with extensive account management experience across diverse market sectors. Ben has a passion for defining, communicating and delivering a cohesive strategy that brings focus, direction and energy to fulfil the organisation’s vision.


Mandy is a highly-successful Business Manager with over 20 years experience across a variety of industries including private investment, family office, non-profit, construction and also media. The combination of Mandy’s results-orientation and lateral-thinking style has enabled the successful execution of a wide-range of strategic projects both domestically and internationally.





“Driven by his vision to unveil and fulfil dreams through creative story telling, Josh is a creative and resourceful business owner. Developing a keen eye for composition from twelve years working for renowned photographer Ken Duncan, Josh now uses his skills to create engaging videos for his clients. With such values as Excellence, integrity, honour and empowerment Josh has seen his business, Joos Productions, flourish over the past two years.”




Amelia is a photographer who captures stories in the form of lifestyle. Through story telling, her goal is to bring forward the identity of a person and make it known. She has assisted alongside lifestyle photographer, Luisa Brimble, on a front page spread for ABC Organic Magazine of Epicurean Harvest & in food styling for Eat Real Food NYC’s blog.

Whilst she carries experience and excellence in family portraits, weddings, corporate, editorials & teaching, her passion resides in shooting lifestyle editorials, and spontaneous & styled food publications.


Linzi developed a curiosity and a playfulness as a young artist, always trying to push the boundaries, by exploring new expressions and experimenting with various mediums but always gravitating back to Painting. She completed a Bachelor of Graphic Design and Illustration at Curtin University of Technology in 2006 and is currently studying a Graduate Diploma of Education. She works regularly on large scale Murals and paintings for display homes, offices and commercial spaces and paints live at various events throughout the year. Having a Graphic Design background has enabled her to work digitally, producing commissions, prints and collaborated projects such as textile designs and fashion orientated artwork for modelling shoots and events. She also also teaches art workshops regularly, making appearances at schools, community centres and at Neil Street Art Studio, an artspace that she facilitates located in Osborne Park, WA.


Graham Mann founded Project Works Design in 1995 and has been the principle designer for 20 years. Graham has had over 30 years experience in the design and construction industry and has a portfolio covering all building types with a particular expertise in aged care, childcare, multi unit developments, places of public assembly and housing. He is a Chartered Member of the Building Designers Association and is accredited with the Building Consultants Accreditation P/L. Over the past 20 years Graham has been on numerous overseas trips studying the architectural styles of cities such as Seoul, South Korea, Miami, USA, New York, USA and Christchurch, New Zealand.





Trusted Photography specialises in 360* panorama high definition virtual tours for your business through the magic of Google Street View technology. We are situated in the beautiful Central Coast  of New South Wales and although this is our main service area, we love travelling and are happy to go wherever you need a quality no fuss job done at an affordable price.